What's Up Wednesdays: My Vegas Buddies

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m currently in Las Vegas for the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. There will certainly be a lot to see while here, both related and not related to gadgets and technology, but this also represents a great opportunity to meet up with people I normally only see online.

With this in mind, I thought it would be apt to dedicate today’s speedlink to the fine folks I’ll be seeing in real life while here in Vegas. Enjoy! I’ll see you guys on the trade show floor (and maybe the poker room too).

Stephen Fung may be the proprietor behind FutureLooks, but he may be better known online for his gastronomic adventures. He plans on doing some food challenges in Vegas, following up on his successful full-sized burger slider meal in the Vancouver area. I’m expecting videos.

Eric Garay doesn’t update his blog nearly as often as he probably should and I’ll be sure to bug him about that over the course of the next few days. A few months ago, he wrote about useful computer memory tips. He does go a little into the geekier end of things in that post, so put on your techie hat before clicking through to read.

Bob Buskirk was one of the first people I knew to sign up with Twitter and he did so well before it became such a big mainstream hit. The microblogging platform has certainly grown since then and Bob has found himself tracking events on Twitter thanks to the widespread use of hashtags. I’m guessing #ces will be up there this week.

Colin Dean continues with his flow of consciousness, taking a moment to give us a year in review. He talks about his writing exploits, his stock trading endeavors, the deal with Launchpad, and more. It seems like he had quite the eventful year and 2010 could be even better.

Jeff Cutler writes for Mobile Magazine from time to time and he plans on doing some CES coverage while he is there (as will I). In preparation for the trip, he had his first meal of the year sponsored by MobileMag.com. Everyone likes pizza, right? I’m guessing Jeff will take advantage of the free press lunches too.