Which 2010 Olympic Mascot Are You?

The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing had five mascots. For the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler, we’re going to have three official mascots and one unofficial one. For all eight of these characters, I think that we see another demonstration of the inherent racism of the Olympics, but I think we can all get past that and just have some fun with these colorful mascots.

As I took a stroll through my local Zeller’s store a few days ago, an interesting question hit me like a ton of bricks: Which 2010 Olympic mascot do you most identify with? This isn’t really a matter of which mascot you like the best, but rather which one best represents your current position in life and your current status as a citizen of the world. Let’s go through them one at a time.

Miga: The Mythical Sea Bear
I’m guessing that Miga is the only female mascot of the group, but I can’t say for sure. She (?) is the black and white “mythical sea bear” that is supposed to be part orca (killer whale) and part kermode bear. If you’re usually seen as cute and petite, or perhaps if you have a child-like fascination with everything that the world has to offer, then you may most resemble Miga.

Quatchi: The Big Sasquatch
Coming from the “mysterious forests of Canada” is Quatchi. He may not be quite as iconic as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but Quatchi is clearly the largest of the bunch. He also aspires to be a hockey goalie. If other people perceive you as a gentle giant with a heart full of gold, then you may most resemble Quatchi.

Sumi: The Guardian Thunderbird
While Miga and Quatchi are technically the only two official mascots of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Sumi takes on the special role as being the mascot for the 2010 Special Olympics. He’s supposed to be an animal guardian spirit with the wings of the Thunderbird, legs of a black bear, and the hat of an orca whale. If you aspire to soar higher than the sky and you’re especially mindful of people with special needs, then you just may be most like Sumi.

Mukmuk: The Vancouver Island Marmot
Whereas the other three 2010 Olympic mascots are based on mythical creatures, Mukmuk is the only one that is based on a real world animal. He started out his life as just an online “sidekick,” but he is now available on clothing and as a plush toy. If you’re oftentimes seen as the friendly underdog and you’re virtually addicted to the Internet, then you might be a Mukmuk.

I think I’m most like Mukmuk. I make my living online, I’m very rarely the center of attention, and my name also happens to start with the letter M. What about you? Which 2010 Olympic mascot most closely mirrors your personality?