You've Got the Touch!

The original inspiration for today’s speedlink comes partly from the original Transformers movie song, but it’s more more in line with the themes you’re used to seeing here on Beyond the Rhetoric. As you read through some of these great blog posts, remind yourself that you’ve got the touch, you’ve got the power, and you too can take two steps forward.

Raul Pacheco is quite the busy fellow, so it makes sense that he values the importance of organization. Every month, Raul sits down to plan for the month or week ahead, laying out the tasks that need to be completed and how long each of them will take. How much monthly planning do you do? Or do you play it by ear along the way?

Thursday Bram offers some great advice on a common concern that work-at-home professionals may have. Buying your first home is complicated enough, but it can be even more complicated for freelancers. How do you prove your income and, thus, your ability to afford a mortgage? What do you need to bring to the table to close the deal?

Susan Johnston takes a moment to address the number one fear of many freelancers: going broke. Many of us know that some freelancers can experience monthly incomes that fluctuate all over the map, so make sure that you diversify, live below your means, and put away enough money into your savings each month. Proper financial planning goes a long way.

Therese Borchard handles an interesting conundrum that some people may face. We all want to be the best that we can be, but how can you tackle perfectionism in the healthiest possible way? Ironically enough, one of the more effective tactics to employ is to compare yourself to others. Realize that no one is perfect and that includes you.

RT Cunningham offers his perspective on why the evolution of wireless electricity is important. Considering that we all have cords and cables dangling in every which direction, both in the home and in the office, giving another ability to go wireless is certainly appreciated. Corded phones? Wired landlines? Let’s make wired electricity another thing of the past?