What's Up Wednesdays: Another Perspective

You may have noticed that I have written about the concept of perspective several times before on Beyond the Rhetoric. I’ve discussed how there are two sides to every coin and how we can reinterpret bad news. It’s important to consider different points of view so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the world around you.

For this week’s speedlink session, we look to the blogosphere for some perspectives that may be unconventional, under-explored, or otherwise different from what we may normally expect.

Joshua Denney, a Canadian born and raised, recognizes that many people around the world had and continue to have a strong dislike for our American neighbors to the south. However, he is quick to point out why he doesn’t hate America and why we shouldn’t either. Despite some inclinations to act as the world police, there is still something magical about the American dream.

Melissa Karnaze has some trouble sitting in front of the keyboard sometimes, just like the rest of us. When the words fail to flow, she reminds herself why writer’s block is her secret weapon, also reminding us that it can be our secret weapon too. Ironically enough, writer’s block can help you find clarity and boost your confidence. It’s all about approaching it in a different way.

InvestorBlogger has something to say to all the Apple fanboys in the audience: Macs suck and PCs rule. As much as some people may applaud the strengths of the Apple computers, InvestorBlogger finds that all the extra graphical flash of the Mac doesn’t help with efficiency. Moreover, Windows-based software is still more affordable and varied than the Mac counterpart.

Damien Riley knows that the current state of the economy has a lot of people hurting and many have been laid off as a result. At the same time, Damien is able to offer another point of view on the recession. If you lose your job, you may have to accept a position in a different field just to pay the bills. This is an opportunity to learn. The future is filled with new possibilities.

Daree Allen likes traveling around the world, but unlike most other tourists who travel with friends or family, Daree chooses to go it alone. She took a solo vacation in Las Vegas for one week, not restricted by the preferences and itineraries of any travel mates. She was able to work by day, have fun by night, and do whatever she wanted to do. Have you ever traveled alone?