Two Steps Forward

As you travel down this tumultuous road of life, it is important that you spend more time focusing on how you are going to get those two steps forward than trying to cover up for your one step backward. It’s all about making progress in the right direction, acknowledging your roots but looking ahead to the future. With that in mind, let’s have a look at what the blogosphere had to say this week.

Gary Jones first embarked on his weight loss journey because he was denied coverage from a life insurance broker. This really put his life into perspective and he has since lost over 150 pounds. Well, Gary has now been approved for life insurance. This is a major victory for Mr. Jones and his efforts should clearly be applauded.

Tiff Chow has always been into video games, so she recognizes that arcades aren’t nearly as popular in North America has they have been in the past. That’s why it’s with a small tear on her cheek that she waves goodbye to the Metreon in San Francisco. On the bright side, all of their arcade cabinets are up for sale. Sega Rally for two can be had for under a grand.

Scott Young is going against the grain once again, telling people who are interested in entrepreneurship that they should not quit their day jobs. Some dot com moguls will tell you that you need to hurl yourself headlong into a new venture, but Scott recommends that you take a slower, more transitional approach between the regular job and your own endeavors.

Darren Barefoot came across a small way that we can help the environment and clear out some unnecessary clutter at the same time. As it turns out, you can now opt out of the Yellow Pages. If you fill out the form in time, they’ll be sure to skip your house when it comes time to delivering those giant books filled with addresses and phone numbers.

Shelly Tucker sometimes feels like she is a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. She’s usually pretty comfortable with public speaking and public performances, but cameras in the audience can send her into a tailspin. So, she’s been rehearsing how to stand up straight, stand still, and not make faces.