Every Wednesday, I turn my attention to the rest of the blogosphere to read up on what other bloggers have to say. Some weeks, I stick within a certain theme, whereas other weeks reveal more of a random mish-mash of ideas. Today’s speedlink session lands somewhere in between, looking at the tides of change and how the world is constantly evolving and shifting around us. Enjoy.

Ray Ebersole starts us off with a discussion surrounding a recent decision in Manatee School District to disallow the presence of a special expert in the classroom. Ray starts to wonder if this decision is actully hurting or helping students in the long run. Don’t we want what is best for our kids?

Dylan Duarte gets just as excited about major retail releases as the rest of us and he’s anxiously awaiting the arrival of Modern Warfare 2. In the meantime, he’s managed to find a quirky little title on Xbox Live Arcade called Miner Dig Deep. You take on the role of a miner and, well, you dig deep. Think of it as Dig Dug without the over-inflated enemies.

John Grohol offers a fascinating discussion on the effect that technology has on children and teenagers. In the past, we were told that radio and television would corrupt our youth and now we’re being told that Twitter is evil. Attacks have also been launched against Facebook and MySpace.

Trent Hamm approaches a subject that is sometimes ignored in the entrepreneurship realm. While many of us focus on individual success, you also have to consider the ramifications when one partner is self-employed. What happens with the distribution of household chores? Childcare? If you’re going to be home anyway, you should take care of it all, right?

Raul Pacheco has always been concerned about Mother Nature, so it’s no surprise that he knows all about Blog Action Day 2009. The theme this year, climate change, seems very similar to the theme from Blog Action Day 2007, don’t you think?