What's Up Wednesdays: Self-Reflection Edition

Before you can head out and approach the world in the right way, you have to be complete within yourself. It’s important that you take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror, clarifying your core values and opinions. It can be scary to gaze deep into your own eyes to see your true self. Are you proud of who you are? Are you pleased with how you will be remembered? Are you realizing your full potential or are you just floundering along from day to day?

It is with these kinds of questions in mind that we turn to the blogging community. Every week, I link out to some interesting posts for your reading pleasure. For today’s roundup, the topic is self-reflection. If you want to be featured in a future speedlink, be sure to follow me on Twitter, since I usually post a shout-out for submissions on Tuesday evenings.

Jeff Kee feels that many of us are largely disconnected with our meals. Many people walk into a grocery store and pick up pre-prepared meals, not making any sort of association with the origins of the ingredients involved. As such, Jeff asserts that we should all strive to understand and appreciate our food. Know how that head of lettuce and rack of lamb got to your dinner table. Recognize food for what it is.

Ray Ebersole has his priorities in the right place. We all may get caught up in our daily lives, trying to rake in the dough and have a good time, but at the heart of it, it’s important to put family before anything else. You may not get along with your parents, but they are still your parents. Nothing else matters if you don’t have your family.

Lesley Chang learned a great deal from doing her 30-day yoga challenge. The health benefits were obvious, but she has also learned that life will inevitably throw you a curveball and it’s up to you to handle the situation as it arises. You need to manage your time and prioritize your desires. Now Lesley feels she can tackle life head-on.

Fight HST is trying to rally the troops in British Columbia to find the pending harmonized sales tax (HST) in the province. The new tax could potentially have a major impact on my freelance business, since clients could see an effective 7% hike in my fees through the addition of the HST. Well, the times are a-changing and we can’t let history repeat itself. Do you remember the introduction of GST? Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm is leading the charge against BC HST.

Jeff Cutler is a gadget geek, just like me, but he also recognizes that technology is just a tool. He says that we should all stop blaming technology for our faults and shortcomings. Stop blaming the photocopier for jamming. Stop getting angry at your video editor for failing once again. Look in the mirror and see the real entity that is to blame. Use technology for what it is and nothing more.