Food and Fortune Go Hand in Hand

As you may already know, our culinary interests go hand in hand with our monetary ones. While we all recognize the importance of managing our money, we also want to indulge in some quality dining from time to time too. It is with this closely intertwined relationship that we tour the blogosphere today, looking at what people have to say about food, fortune, or both.

Ray Ebersole reaches into the past to remind us that dinner doesn’t have to be food. Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter the most in the world and these little things can nourish the heart, if not the stomach. Read as Ray describes a great experience he had with his daughter three years ago. Food for thought… and for just five bucks too.

Nathan Warawa points us in the right direction for the back to school season, helping us buy a new computer with budget and value for money in mind. He provides some tips for a system under $500, as well as tips for a new PC for up to $1000 and over $1000. Should you go AMD or Intel? What size hard drive? Is Windows or Mac a better idea for you>

Ewdison Then enjoyed his Labor Day long weekend the only way that he thought appropriate. He went out back and fired up the barbecue for a great outdoor cookout. That’s interesting, because I decided to barbecue my own steak for dinner on Labour Day too. Check out Ewdi’s delicious pics.

Lesley Chang may not have blogged about it, but she did leave a comment on my Facebook account that was quite the eye-opener. If you’ve ever had eggs for breakfast or fried chicken for lunch, you may (or may) want to see this undercover video of a hatchery. It’s appalling how they treat the baby chicks, especially when it is largely in the name of cost efficiency.

Deborah Ng is a fellow freelancer and she is tired of complaining about certain misconceptions and unpleasant business circumstances. She provides reasons why old school freelance writers need to lighten up and stop whining. There will always be other writers who are letting themselves get underpaid. Understand the economy of the Internet and position yourself accordingly.

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