The Top Thinkers of Beyond the Rhetoric

Before I get around to thanking the top thinkers of August 2009, I want to give a quick nod over to Zac Johnson and his latest project, Royal Tutorial. It’s a site focused on graphic design, PhotoShop, digital art and that kind of thing.

To celebrate the site’s launch, Zac is hosting a contest with over $3,000 in prizes. You may also notice that I have been contributing to the site, writing about video game heroes and more. Check it out if you’re into web design, graphic art, and other similar endeavors.

So, how did the people with the comments stack up on Beyond the Rhetoric last month? Compared to the top thinkers of July 2009, you’ll find a few familiar faces, as well as a couple of new faces that are making their Top Thinker debuts here on Beyond the Rhetoric. I always welcome new readers and thinkers with open arms. Let’s see who thought the most in August 2009.

Ray Ebersole hit the top of the heap with 36 comments. Over on his blog, he’s writing about the new school year and all the new technology that’s being sent to the classrooms and staff rooms. He’s the IT guy, so those additions fall under Ray’s jurisdiction.

dcr (Dan Rinnert) takes the silver medal with 33 comments in August. Even though he seems to spend a lot of time on this blog, Dan still managed to find enough time to finish writing his e-book. It’s not quite ready for release just yet, but I’m sure Dan will let us know when it is.

EarningStep is a new addition to the top thinkers of BTR with 25 comments last month. We may all be caught up in social media venues like Facebook and Twitter, but the plain ol’ email message is still the preferred form of communication for a lot of people. Check out these nine amazing email facts just for fun.

betshopboy sprinted his way to fourth place with 13 comments. It seems like all he does is run these days, so it’s no surprise that he lives the trail. Too bad Mother Nature rained on his parade… or his competitive race, as the case may be.

Eric “Speedcat Hollydale” is another newcomer to the BTR top thinkers, squeaking into fifth place with just 4 comments. If you’re looking to take it easy, have a look at his mellow yellow post with Coldplay and yellow furniture.

Thanks again for visiting, reading, and commenting on Beyond the Rhetoric!