Michael Moore Talks Bailout in Capitalism (2009)

You may not agree with his opinion and you could argue that he is pumping out just as much propaganda as the institutions he attacks, but there is no denying that Michael Moore is a brilliant filmmaker and his documentaries are incredibly revealing. His most recent project isn’t set for wide release until October, but we can now watch the official trailer for Capitalism: A Love Story online.

In Fahrenheit 9/11, Moore looked to the American government and its relationship with the events of September 11. In SiCKO, Moore turned his attention to the American government and how its approach to health care differs so greatly from the systems in Canada and European nations. Well, the documentary-maker is turning his attention one more time toward Washington for Capitalism, addressing the government bailouts that the big banks have received. Did Barack Obama do the right thing? Or is the bailout robbing the American people of their money?

Michael Moore says that, in exchange for a few million dollars to “buy Congress,” the fat cats on Wall Street are getting billions of dollars back. That’s a pretty good rate of return, wouldn’t you say? It seems that the banks (and the auto industry) feel like they deserve this money. Meanwhile, other industries continue to suffer under this recession. Where is the bailout for hotels and restaurants? What about a bailout for small business owners and the high-tech industry?

Before we get to the Capitalism: A Love Story trailer, I want to give a quick nod to Roley Chiu for posting the YouTube link on Facebook. That’s how I came to know about this video. Thanks, Roley!