Twitter QOTD: The Long Road Ahead

We don’t have the most accurate of tarot cards or crystal balls, but it’s always an interesting proposition when we gaze into the future to predict where life’s road may lead us. These predictions may not come true, but they can provide us with a beacon to follow and a direction to go. It’s a long road ahead, so it pays to have a map and a compass, even if we choose to veer off path at some point.

I’ve turned to the Twitter community on several occasions in the past. I’ve asked them whether they like their jobs and I’ve solicited some words of wisdom. This time around, I asked them to envision themselves ten years from now. Where will you be? What will you be doing? How will you get there?

Speaking for myself, I fully expect that I will be continuing with my career in freelance writing and, with a little luck on my side, my business will have expanded into more than it is today. Maybe I’ll get more into print and traditional media, publishing books and writing feature articles for mainstream magazines.

I’m working toward these goals by networking with other people in the field and continuing to expand my reach and presence. It’s about building the brand and getting people to know it. On the personal front, I expect to be married with one or two juniors running around the house.

What about you? Can you picture yourself in 2019? Can you picture the world at large too? Who will be the President of the United States ten years from now?

Twitter QOTD: Where do you see yourself ten years from now? What are you doing to get there?

colindean @michaelkwan In10 years, I’ll be married, having spawned a child process or two, and working for a successful web company. Got GF, job ATM.
ellajoe good question Im stil figurin it out RT @michaelkwan Twitter QOTD: Where do u see yourself ten yrs from now? What are u doing to get there?
Carl_Nelson @michaelkwan I see myself as being a Dad in 10 years. What am I doing to get there? What do you think!
LesleyChang @michaelkwan 10 yrs from now, I see myself getting my CPRS APR accreditation
hummingbird604 @michaelkwan I see myself as a tenured professor who is travelling the world giving talks about environmental protection 🙂
dylanduarte @michaelkwan I see myself in a magical land, searching for treasure with a robot companion. How am I going to get there? Destiny!