Summer Activities

A few days ago, we discussed some of the ways that you can beat the summer heat. It may be very tempting to hunker down with some air-conditioning and an ice cold beverage, but this is the best time of year to get out there and enjoy yourself. With this in mind, the theme for today’s What’s Up Wednesdays speedlink session are the things that people do for fun when the mercury continues to rise.

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Mostly Lisa managed to strike another item off of her bucket list, getting around to doing one of those things she absolutely had to do before she died. She hit the waters in Lytton for some whitewater rafting with Hyak Wilderness Adventures. It looks like quite the crazy adventure, bouncing up and down on those waves, but it looks like a real thrill too. This has got to be one of the coolest ways to enjoy the beautiful province of British Columbia.

John Chow may be known in some circles as the root of all evil, but he decided to play international diplomat at the Vancouver Alpen Club picnic. This is a club largely for people of German descent, but John decided to invade their annual picnic since he says that he’s from “Far East Germany.” Check out the delicious pork hock, bratwurst, and plenty of beer. The dancing and music look like fun too.

Ed Lau continues with our culinary adventures by taking us along to DB Bistro Moderne for a $28 burger. As you may recall, DB Bistro Moderne took over the same location as Feenie’s, which was where we went for a $60 foie gras burger. With Rob Feenie over at Cactus Club, Daniel Boulud felt like he needed to produce a foie gras-infused burger of his own… for half the price.

Dylan Duarte doesn’t seem very interested in going outside in this heat. He’d much rather stay home with his Xbox 360 and blast robots in Terminator Salvation. Unfortunately, just like the movie of the same name, this video game leaves a lot to be desired and Dylan failed to find any redeeming qualities. So, I guess he’ll just sit around and twiddle this thumbs until Modern Warfare 2 launches much later this year. You’ve got a lot of waiting to do there, DilDawg.

Bernie Yee has been taking advantage of his summer vacation by staying up late and sleeping in. He typically doesn’t roll out of bed until lunchtime, so he’s very happy when he is immediately greeted with fun stuff in the mail. He likes to shop online, you see, finding things that he can’t find readily from local retailers. For example, one of his newest and strangest purchases is a Hard Gay keychain. Yes, you read that correctly.