Spending Money on Guilty Pleasures

Given today’s economic climate and the financial hardships that many people are currently enduring, it makes sense to save money where you can. At the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice too much from your lifestyle in order to accommodate these savings. You still want to have fun. You still want to have your hobbies. And you still want to indulge your guilty pleasures.

In my mind, guilty pleasures and money pits go hand-in-hand. If you are truly passionate about your guilty pleasure and it brings you a great deal of joy, there is also a very good chance that you tend to throw money at that area of interest. During my university days, I caught a small bug when it came to car modifications. It would not be accurate to call me a gearhead, but I did spend quite a bit of money on new wheels, small engine upgrades, a new exhaust, a sports suspension, and so forth. On a starving student’s budget, these were no small expenses.

You could cut back on some of these expenses. That would probably be the prudent thing to do, but it could also make you quite miserable. You should spend money on your guilty pleasures, because they bring you happiness. Just do so in moderation.

With these kinds of thoughts rolling through my mind, I turned to the Twitter community to see where they chose to indulge. It seems that many of them, myself included, love to please our stomachs. As a bit of a foodie, I can appreciate that sentiment.

What’s your greatest guilty pleasure? What is your biggest personal money pit?

edutechation @michaelkwan Guilty Pleasure: Ice Cream – Sugar Free once a week. Money Pit: my tech gadgets for work
FrancesCabahug @MichaelKwan Greatest guilty pleasure:Taking the time to do nothing but daydream. Biggest personal money pit:Good food, but not apologetic!
edlau @michaelkwan @kevvur @russco oh yeah! How could I forget food and alcohol?!
edlau @michaelkwan money pit? Clothes probably. Maybe gaming. Guilty pleasure? WoW.
Kardboard @michaelkwan Guilty pleasure = coffee, #REVscene; money pit = cell phones
kevvur @michaelkwan guilty pleasure = alcohol, money pit = useless things i blow my money on lol
russco @michaelkwan GP = eating fine food. MP = same thing. I regret nothing.
Obotchaman @michaelkwan Money Pit? Food for sure. I frugal when it comes to shopping but I can eat my money away, no problems
VicTse @michaelkwan guilty pleasure = cigarettes, money pit = video games
LesleyChang @michaelkwan Money pit? Clothes. Guilty pleasure? Rewatching old tv shows like Alias and Buffy. Again and again.
bluefur @michaelkwan your blog posts for both. 🙂 hahaha