Welcome to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Many cities are named after famous people whose names sound normal enough. For example, the City of Vancouver was named after some British explorer named George Vancouver. However, there are also many towns and cities around the world that just so happen to have, let’s say, more creative names. Some of these are partly on purpose, I suppose, whereas others just happen to have unfortunate (or very fortunate) connotations.

Growing up, one of my favourites had to be Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. I also love the name of Battle Creek, Michigan. Interestingly enough, I only learned of these two towns thanks to my childhood fascination with professional wrestling. As I continue to travel the world, visiting places like The City of Angels (Los Angeles) and the East Capital (Tokyo), I am constantly on the search for more interesting names.

As I have done in the past, I turned to the Twitter community to see if they had any neat towns or cities to share. Can they top Battle Creek? How about Crotch Lake, Ontario?

Battle Creek, MI. Truth or Consequences, NM. Awesome city names. What are some of your favourites?

dylanduarte @michaelkwan disappointmentville!
rayebersole @michaelkwan Have you heard of Deadhorse Alaska or Yeehaw Junction Florida?
angie33global @michaelkwan Devils Elbow,MI; Knockemstiff,OH; Yelling Settlement,AL; Unalaska,AK; Fifty-Six,AZ; Spread Eagle,WI; Goblintown,VA
angie33global @michaelkwan Noodle,TX; Toad Suck,AR; Boring,OR; Hell,MI to name a few..
lindamshi @michaelkwan Gun Barrell City–you know that is in Texas!
VicTse @michaelkwan dildo, newfoundland
russco @michaelkwan Butte. Montana
bsainsbury @michaelkwan how about Yahk BC?
_fatdad @michaelkwan Albuquerque – I knew I should have made that left turn in Albuquerque.
stephenfung @michaelkwan How about Spuzzum, BC?
anycheese Come by Chance, NL RT @michaelkwan Battle Creek, MI, Truth or Consequences, NM. Awesome city names. What’s your fav? (via @colineagles)
JasonLandals @michaelkwan Shag Harbour, NS. Come By Chance, NL. Crotch Lake, ON. Stoner, BC (wow, those truth in advertising laws suck). Sexsmith, AB.
colineagles Conception Bay, NL RT @michaelkwan: Twitter QOTD: Battle Creek, MI. Truth or Consequences, NM. Awesome city names. What are your favourites?
JustinSays @michaelkwan Calexico, CA made me laugh when I first saw it on a road sign.