Happy Canada Day!

Before we get to the rest of today’s post, I like to wish my fellow Canucks (and everyone else for that matter) a very happy Canada Day! I am very proud to hail from the land of maple syrup, the embrace of multiculturalism, and universal health care. Happy Canada Day, everyone!

With that out of the way, you may have also noticed that another month has come and gone. It is time once again for me to give my due respect and thanks to the people who make Beyond the Rhetoric what it is: the commentators top thinkers! These people help to further the conversation, demonstrating that a blog is not just a soapbox for a single individual (me), but also a platform for the masses (you). Who had the most to say in June?

Just like last month and the month before, we find a familiar face sitting on top of the list for June 2009. Ray Ebersole is the top thinker yet once again. Recently on his blog, he commented on the new way to Google known as Microsoft’s Bing. Have you Bing’d yet?

Betshopboy gets the silver medal for last month. He’s doing more than leaving comments on this blog, however, as it seems that he’s running several marathons this summer. The most recent one was at Mount Faber and he finished the 10km run in just under 50 minutes.

Taking home the bronze is Lesley, a gal who recently called me one of the “most reputable bloggers in the lower mainland.” Thanks for the compliment! Inspired by my Grammar 101 series of blog posts, the “starving college girl” decided to do one of her own, clarifying Twitter terms. You are tweeting, not Twittering!

One of the names that we haven’t seen quite as often around here is Ben Pei, who comes in fourth for June. Like many of the people in my inner circle, Ben is interested in blogging and how to make money online. You’ll want to excuse the mess at his site for the moment, because Ben Pei Dot Com is under renovation. When the new theme goes live, Ben plans to launch a contest to celebrate. Stay tuned!

Rounding out the top five for June 2009 is our good friend dcr (Dan C. Rinnert). If you’re looking for one of the stranger articles on his site, you’ll want to see his recent psychedelic blog post. I just finished reading it and I still have no idea what I was supposed to take home from it. What do you think?