Some people say that going to the zoo can be such a depressing experience, since all the animals are being involuntarily “imprisoned” in their cages and such. It’s a much more pleasing experience to see these animals in a more natural environment.

While I wasn’t able to see some of the more exotic animals that I would be able to see at the zoo (or on a safari), hitting up a local lake over the weekend was certainly a relaxing and pleasurable way to spend a sunny afternoon. This was especially true for two reasons.

First, given the time of year, I was able to see the newborn ducklings and goslings. Baby animals are always cute. Second, I hit up the lake on a paddle boat with Susanne, using our pedal-powered propulsion to visit the baby ducklings up close and personal. I’m not usually one for manual labour, but I’d say this visit was worth it.

Here’s a quick video compilation I shot using the Flip UltraHD Camcorder. Unfortunately, the video files aren’t compatible with Windows Movie Maker, so the conversion process diminished the quality considerably. If only someone would sponsor a MacBook Pro for me…