And so another month has come in gone. In May 2009, I hosted a Facebook contest and it was reasonably successful. The “I Read Beyond the Rhetoric” Facebook group gained a few new members, including the eventual winner of the contest.

As is the norm around these parts, it’s time to acknowledge the other people who contribute to this blog. Beyond the Rhetoric wouldn’t be the same without the people who leave their comments, so let’s see what the Top Thinkers had to say on their own blogs in the last week or so. That’s what’s up this Wednesday, June 3.

Ray Ebersole tops the list yet once again. He’s been an active contributor here ever since he discovered Beyond the Rhetoric through the Top Thinker contest. Some time ago, Ray discussed the relationship between education and technology. More specifically, he says that the latter can actually hinder the former. Are computers hurting more than they’re helping?

Betshopboy (also known as Chee Wee Ng) has been reading BTR for quite some time, reinforcing the fact that the Internet is international. Over in Singapore, he recently participated in a race and the official results are in. It took at total of 1hour 16minute 19sec for Betshopboy to complete the 15km run. Great work!

DCR likes to go by his initials, apparently, but some of you may know him as Dan C. Rinnert. He recently put together a whole week of articles related to the Twitter phenomenon, the seventh of which relates to how to maintain your flock. A lot of people talk about how to gain more followers on Twitter, but very few talk about how to keep them. One of the first rules of business is that it’s much more effective to keep a customer than to attract a new one. The same can be said about Twitter followers.

Lesley Chang isn’t new to blogging, per se. She already has a spot on Blogspot, but she recently launched a new blog that she plans on updating more frequently. Focused on her pending quest as a public relations student, Lesley will be blogging as the starving college girl. To help kick off the blog, she’s hosting her first contest. To win, follow her on Twitter and retweet the appropriate message.

MLDina is one of the marketing managers from Market Leverage, the preferred affiliate network for quite a few Internet professionals. I run a few ads from ML on this blog, in fact, and maybe that’s how Dina managed to find her way here. In any case, you can watch an episode of MarketLeverage TV featuring none other than Dina Riccobono. They talk hot offers and more.