Generally speaking, I’m not exactly a fan of artists like T-Pain who use Auto-Tune on their records, but it seems that the technology is quickly gaining in prominence and popularity. Everyone from Cher to Britney Spears seems to be using Auto-Tune for their songs, not only to “disguise inaccuracies and mistakes,” but also as a form of artistic expression.

Even Kanye West has embraced Auto-Tune for his latest album, 808s and Heartbreak, despite having a distinctly different style on all of his previous albums. “Heartless” has a distinctly different sound than “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.”

Well, as it turns out, Auto-Tune is not restricted to the music industry. It has started to infiltrate all forms of other entertainment as well, including the news broadcast depicted in the video below. You might prefer to get your news from the paper or online, but the TV nightly news is still a preferred source for a lot of people. It just happens to have been funkified with Auto-Tune.

If you’ve ever wondered how the news would sound with Auto-Tune, wonder no longer. This is the fourth news report in the series. The first three can be found on Youtube. I have to admit that Auto-Tune the News is much more entertaining than many of the droning anchors we see on the boob tube these days.