It’s a little hard to believe that we are quickly coming up on the end of May and summer truly is upon us. It won’t be long before you hit up the beach for some volleyball, the backyard for some barbecue, and maybe even the family cottage for some fishing.

For me, the biggest plans I have for the summer will be my visit to the E3 Expo next week in Los Angeles. It’s pretty much like the Consumer Electronics Show, except a lot smaller and completely dedicated to video games.

Before you head out for a sunny weekend, let’s have a look at what the blogosphere is talking about this week. As always, you’ll want to follow me on Twitter if you want to get featured in a future edition of What’s Up Wednesdays. Cheers!

Betshopboy participating in his first race of the year, but it wasn’t on a bike or in a car. Instead, he decided to experience the passion with the Saucony 100 PLUS Passion Run. He signed up for the 15km non-competitive event, finishing his dash in one hour and 20 minutes. The winning time for men was 51 minutes. As a reward, all the participants got a goodie bag too!

Ray Ebersole works in the education field doing tech support and that kind of thing, so he’s very much in touch with what is going on in our schools and in our classrooms. More specifically, his district has a habit of moving its teachers around on a fairly frequent basis and Ray doesn’t think this is good for the children. It’s very much true that students are affected by teachers, because they’re more motivated to learn if they can connect with special teachers. I know I did during my high school days.

Buzz Bishop can be thought of as a marathon runner, not unlike Betshopboy above. If you’ve been reading his blog and following him on Twitter, then you’ll know that he’s a part of Team Diabetes Canada, but what is Team Diabetes? Buzz describes it as a collection of Canadians working together to raise awareness (and funds) for those living with diabetes. As part of the team, Buzz is off to Easter Island (the place with the giant stone head statues) for a fund-raising run next week. Have fun!

Kevan Gilbert is perhaps better known for his role at Union Gospel Mission, helping the less fortunate population in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, but he’s also an Internet enthusiast. He recently read through the thoughts of marketing blogger Chris Brogan, who said that next-generation media will not end at publication, since the storis will be edited, updated, and clarified after publication. New media won’t necessarily be focused on advertising for revenue either.

John M. Grohol has an interesting update for all the psychology buffs in the audience. While I was pursuing my Bachelor of Arts degree in university, I really wanted to own a copy of the DSM-IV-TR. This is the diagnostic manual for all psychological conditions and illnesses. Well, the revised fourth edition is due for an overhaul and Grohol outlines some of the major changes in the DSM-V. The fifth edition is due for publication in 2012.