The animal kingdom is filled with all sorts of wonderful and fascinating creatures. You don’t need to venture out for a visit to the zoo or embark on an expensive safari to find wildly fascinating and furry friends though. Sometimes, the most interesting of animals can be found under our own roofs. Anyone who has ever owned a pet will know this much, but it’s unlikely that you’ve ever encountered a dog quite like the one in the video embedded below.

It seems like our canine companion is suffering from some kind of identity crisis, since this French Bulldog is meowing like a cat. If you close your eyes, you might even think that he sounds like a whining baby. We probably don’t need to call Cesar Millan on this case, since it’s just an odd personality quirk rather than a behavioral issue. I know that some breeds can be a little different, like the yodeling of a Basenji, but this French Bulldog is anything but normal.

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