Beyond the Rhetoric (Kindle Edition)

I guess I’m always looking for new ways to reach a wider audience. A good number of people choose to read Beyond the Rhetoric on the website itself. Others opt to use an RSS aggregator or via the free email subscription option. I have yet to create a mobile-friendly version of BTR, but my blog has taken to the road in the form of the Amazon Kindle.

The popular e-book reader isn’t officially available in Canada just yet, but readers in the United States can have Beyond the Rhetoric (or any number of other blogs) sent over to their Amazon Kindle automatically and seamlessly. When I spotted the post on John Chow’s blog a few days ago, he (inaccurately) noted that the submission of blogs was restricted only to American publishers with an American bank account and an American mailing address. Well, he was wrong.

As a Canadian, it’s actually quite easy to open a US checking account and the Kindle Store does not require an American mailing address. After a little more poking around, it seems that you don’t need an American bank account either, since cheques can be mailed to international publishers. I don’t expect to make any real money through the Kindle Edition of BTR. Instead, I’m much more interested in just reaching a wider audience and getting more readers.

The good news is that reading Beyond the Rhetoric on the Amazon Kindle is remarkably convenient, thanks to the seamless wireless delivery over WhisperNet. The bad news is that it’s not free… and then there’s good news again, because Beyond the Rhetoric on the Kindle is only two bucks a month. That’s a small price to pay for convenience.

I wonder when (and if) the Kindle will ever make its way to Canada. launched its electronics section not that long ago, so it’s clear that they are expanding the Canadian Amazon beyond just books, DVDs, video games, and music CDs. I don’t expect the sale of household appliances any time soon, but the Kindle (and other consumer electronics) would be a perfect fit.

Anyhow, if you’re rocking the Kindle in the States, feel free to get BTR via Kindle WhisperNet at your earliest convenience.