Every Wednesday, I link out to some interesting posts that I find in the blogosphere. Some of these show up in my Google Reader, since Google dominates my life. Others, I just happen to stumble across in the most random of fashions.

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Jeff Kee starts us off with some advice for all the website owners in the audience. In outlining his best email and domain management practices, he really emphasizes the importance of keeping a free web-based email address. Moreover, he says that you should use this Hotmail or Gmail account with your domain registrations, because you know that these email addresses are forever. Keep them active!

Hummingbird604, known as Raul Pacheco when he’s not on the Internet, had the opportunity to interview several of the candidates from last night’s BC provincial election. One of his interviews from late last week was with NDP Leader Carole James. She emphasizes the importance of collaboration, discusses how her party puts people first, and predicts the merging of social media with traditional campaigning.

The Keyword Academy recognizes that none of us work in a vacuum. You need to network with other people in your profession and in your niche, but how do you meet these people in the first place? Even if you never meet them in person, how can you capitalize on what they can offer you? Check out the guide on building your list of industry contacts. Just a name and an email address aren’t enough. You want more info than that.

Meg Fowler has an open letter out to someone very special in her life. Or should I say something very special in her life. In her letter to sleep, she talks about how she has given up coffee, eliminated all light sources, and stopped bringing her laptop into the bedroom. The net result? Two hours of sleep. At best. As tempting as it may be, Meg, don’t come to rely on sleeping pills. Addiction is worse.

Bernie Yee seems to have an issue with upper-case letters, but he really likes nudies. I think he’s still underage, so he really shouldn’t be looking at that kind of material. Thankfully, the nudies that he is discussing are really just a pair of jeans. Nudies’ jeans are made from raw denim, so they were not washed after being dyed. As a result, they more easily mould to your exact contours over time.