I can haz Nokia E71?

Considering that I am a self-confessed gadget geek, it’s almost ironic that it has taken me this long to get a new cell phone. I’ve been using my old phone, a Windows Mobile-powered HTC Wizard, for at least a couple of years, slowly watching as it acquired more bugs and glitches, watching as new technology passed me by. After far too much hesitation and consideration, I have finally settled on a new phone: an unlocked Nokia E71-2 NAM.

This is effectively the same Nokia E71 that is being sold through Rogers Wireless in Canada (and similar to the Nokia E71x from AT&T), except my phone does not have any carrier branding or restrictions. It is factory unlocked from Nokia, coming straight from their factories in Finland. I’m very glad that I have finally been able to settle on this upgrade.

A Huge Burden Off My Shoulders

I’ve been going through the process of choosing my next smartphone for almost a year, bouncing between some of the different options that were available to me. I thought about getting an unlocked AT&T Tilt. I thought about getting a Motorola Q9h when it was still $15 a month for just unlimited email and 2MB of data. That wasn’t very useful, so I waited for the greener pastures that were surely right around the corner.

And therein lies the issue with any technology-related. Whatever is new and exciting today will become old and obsolete tomorrow. This situation is further exacerbated by my ready access to too much information. I write about gadgets and cell phones for a living, so I’ve always got just a glimpse of what is “coming soon.” It’s a burden, because I didn’t want to buy something, only to want something new the following week or day.

The Symbian S60-powered Nokia E71 is not the perfect phone and it is not future-proof. No phone is. Having finally recognized and accepted this fact, I am much more comfortable and satisfied with my decision.

Getting a New Plan to Match

To go along with my new handset, I went and got myself a new cell phone plan as well. I called in to my chosen wireless carrier and negotiated a deal that would involve a few more features, most notably the inclusion of wireless data. This would further expand my freelance writing freedom, because it means that I can more easily access my email and other similar information while away from home and while away from a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Since my new smartphone has a pretty good word processor too, it means that I can actually take the time to compose new articles from the phone as well. When completed, I can save them to the memory card or, should I choose, I can send them via email to whoever needs it. I can also use the Nokia to get my news on the road, so I’ll always be in touch with the pulse of society. And yes, I have a Twitter client on there too.

Nothing is Ever Set in Stone

Cell phone technology is constantly evolving so, as I mentioned earlier, the latest hotness will become yesterday’s news in the blink of an eye. I’m slowly starting to accept this fact when it comes to my own personal purchases. While I have no specific plans for the near future, it would not be difficult for me to switch to a new phone (maybe an iPhone or BlackBerry) when the opportunity presents itself. Most decisions are reversible. I can sell the Nokia and buy a new phone. Since I’ve taken the unlocked GSM route, this is actually a really easy process.

I’ll have a more comprehensive review of the Nokia E71-2 on Mobile Magazine a little later today. I’ll update this post when that review goes live.

UPDATE: Here’s my Nokia E71 review on Mobilemag.com