I’m not entirely sure what has happened to me in the last few days, but I seem to be lacking in the energy and motivation departments lately. It can’t be that I’m feeling under the weather, because Mother Nature has actually been reasonably kind. Perhaps it’s that looming income tax deadline, fully knowing that I will be owing the government thousands of dollars. Oh well. Let’s see what the other people in the blogosphere have to say this week.

Michelle Pierce understands the importance of grammar, but at the same time, she also recognizes the three grammar rules you should break. Yes, it’s okay to break a rule from time to time, because this can add quite an impact to your writing. And you never know who might be reading.

Patti Stafford runs into writer’s block just as often as the rest of us, but she has devised several methods to get out of or avoid a writer’s rut. I’ve always said that a change of scenery can help, but Patti encourages you to try writing poetry, use word search puzzles, and read some books. These too can break up the routine and get you back in the groove.

The Simple Dollar has come to rely on many free online tools. Why pay for something when the free alternative is just as good? Check out the list of nine pieces of free software that he uses every day. While I’ve largely moved to Google Chrome, The Simple Dollar is still using Firefox. Other tools on the list include Skype, iTunes, OpenOffice, Audacity, and Freemind.

Chris Bibey and I are both freelance writers, but we seem to be quite different when it comes to our daily routines. He’s very much a morning person, so he has some great tips for starting your day off right. By contrast, I seem to do some of my best work in the evening and I absolutely struggle to roll out of bed in the morning. This is one of the greatest things about freelancing, because you can set your own schedule based on your own preferences.

Leo Babauta is tired of all the inconsiderate people in the world, especially since all of them could do a few simple things to make the lives of everyone else so much better. Are you being a pain to someone in your life? Maybe you need to look at these five steps to quit being such a jerk. Admit that you’re not perfect, because nobody is. Take a walk in the shoes of others, because you need to see their perspective. Just be nicer and we’ll all be happier.