Want a Dropbox Account?

Whether you are using it to back up your files or to share your documents with colleagues and friends, reliable online storage can be a very handy thing to have. For example, it’s much easier to have your family photos stashed on an online server to share with family rather than having to email all of those images to everyone.

You could certainly make use of a standard blog hosting account somewhere for this purpose, but you may need that space to run your blog or website.

What is Dropbox?

One of the best free services on the Internet is Dropbox. You get your own secure space on their servers where you can stash just about anything that you’d like. I have a folder on there, for example, with a backup of Beyond the Rhetoric. This way, if anything goes wrong here and on my local backup, I have everything backed up remotely with Dropbox. But wait. There’s more.

Multi-Computer File Synchronization

In addition to basic online storage, Dropbox also has a couple of extra features that can be very useful.

First, you can install some software on your computer and it will automatically sync your designated folder with your Dropbox account. Each time that you change a file or upload a new file in that folder, those changes will automatically be pushed to your online Dropbox account. The reverse is also true. If you install this software on multiple computers, you can effectively have synchronized files across all of those computers. This can serve as a great freelance writing tool if you keep switching between your desktop and laptop.

Second, any file stored in your Dropbox public folder can be easily shared with anyone. From your local folder, right-clicking on the file will reveal an option to copy the sharing URL. This link can then be given to your friends via email, Twitter, or however else you choose to communicate with people online. Attachment sizes can be quite limited when it comes to web-based email accounts, so Dropbox can be a great alternative for sending large files.

How to Get the Bonus Storage

If you sign up for a basic (free!) Dropbox account, you get 2GB of online space. However, if you sign up with this link, you get a bonus 250MB, bumping your total storage to 2.25GB. In the interest of full disclosure, I am not being paid to write about Dropbox, but I do get that same 250MB bonus for any referrals I send their way. You win and I win. I think that’s fair and I really do think that the Dropbox service is quite useful.

Click here to get a free 2.25GB Dropbox account