The Celebrity Apprentice 2 with Donald Trump

Since I work from home all day, I probably watch far too much television. Well, maybe “watch” isn’t the right word, because the TV acts more as a source of white noise than anything else. While I’m not really “watching” daytime television, I do pay a lot more attention to primetime programming. On Thursdays, for instance, I get a big kick out of watching Gordon Ramsay and Hell’s Kitchen. On Sundays, one of my favorite TV shows has to be The Celebrity Apprentice 2.

I’ve been a fan of The Apprentice since the very first season. The celebrity factor introduced last season brought in a new dynamic, because many of the challenges had to do with star power and contact lists than they did entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy. This season, Donald Trump brings in a new stable of celebrities and we’re about halfway through the game. I wrote about the show before it started, so I figured now would be a good time to see how things are going.

The Celebrity Apprentice 2 - Halfway Point

It seems that my initial predictions are holding up thus far. Canadian Tom Green proved to be more of a distraction than anything else, the bizarre Dennis Rodman failed to be a good team player, and the suitcase-opening Claudia Jordan proved that she should stick to Deal or No Deal.

All four of my early favorites (out of 16 total contestants) are still in the game. I’ve learned that Clint Black can be a pain, but he’s managed to escape elimination thus far (very narrowly in the most recent episode); Jesse James has demonstrated that while he may not have the most impressive contact list, he’s a solid worker and he has good business sense; Annie Duke is a little more assertive than I expected, but she needs to start utilizing her generous poker buddies; and Joan Rivers is still in there, despite being slightly obnoxious at times.

It’s unlikely that Herschel Walker will shoot himself in the leg, but he’s a little too quiet and subdued to be hired as the apprentice. I’m also not too hopeful for golfer Natalie or Baywatcher Brande, since neither has really stepped up to the plate thus far. I’m going to stick with my prediction of Joan Rivers to win it all. She’s assertive, creative, and well-connected.

Have you been watching The Celebrity Apprentice? Why or why not?