My Little-Known Hobbies and Interests

Those of you who have been reading my blog regularly for some time may already know about some of my core interests. You’ll know that I review a variety of gadgets and other technology for work purposes. You’ll also know that I am interested in personal development and the business and freelancng, since I cover these topics quite regularly on Beyond the Rhetoric. However, you may not be quite as familiar with some of my other hobbies and interests.

I think that it’s important for all of us to explore new hobbies. Lifelong learning is critical for our mental health and for the enjoyment that we can derive from life. Whether you get caught up in origami or the the restoration of classic cars, it’s good to have a hobby that can captivate your interest and make every day a little more fulfilling. So, what areas have piqued my curiosity in recent years? Listed below are just three, but I’m always on the lookout for novelty. It is the single greatest key to happiness, after all.

Looking to Our Furry Friends and Canine Companions

Some of you may remember my bunny Roy. He was a great companion and I’ve always had an affinity for our furry friends. Even though I’ve never owned a dog myself, I became very familiar with the different breeds as a child, reading up on their various characteristics and temperaments. That’s partly why I enjoy watching The Dog Whisperer so much.

My current living conditions aren’t very conducive to having a cat or dog, but I would like to have a feline friend or canine companion when it becomes a little more viable. I’m still undecided on whether a Garfield or an Odie is better for me, so I asked the Twitter community whether they were dog people or cat people. Here is how they responded:

Yurechko @michaelkwan Dog person. –
mattfreedman @michaelkwan dog. Cats only come around when they want something. Dogs are always around.
kimschulz @michaelkwan none…both animals seems anoying and smelly to me!
ilovecpstyle @michaelkwan Cat person! My cat is named Helvetica and he is cooler than a lot of people I know!

Yes, Miranda McCurlie (@ilovecpstyle) named her cat after the font! Good thing she didn’t pick Times New Roman.

Watching the Waves of the Real Estate Market

Over two years ago, I predicted that the Vancouver housing market would have its bubble burst. I didn’t really expect the worldwide economy to experience the turmoil that it has, but it has become a buyer’s market. I haven’t entered the real estate market just yet, but I do pay a lot of attention to pricing trends, new developments, and changes to how we work and live. Those close to me may feel that I’m almost obsessed with real estate for no real reason in particular.

You may also be surprised to hear that I have a latent interest in interior design as well. It may sound a little strange, but I spend a fair amount of time watching shows on HGTV. From Property Virgins to Disaster DIY, they all have some knowledge and expertise to share. I have yet to make use of the knowledge, but it’s still good to have that foundation in place for when I am prepared to build on those insights.

Thinking and Exploring with My Stomach

I like to eat. I’m not so much into the cooking side of the equation, but I love enjoying a variety of different foods. For instance, Joanne Namocatcat (@ellajoe) seemed to be quite impressed with my knowledge of sukiyaki and shabu-shabu, two very different kinds of Japanese hot pot cuisine. It helps that I live in such a multicultural and culinary city as Vancouver.

Whether it be something as simple as Vietnamese pho or something as outrageous as eating from a toilet, it’s very true that a way to man’s heart is through his stomach. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as eating good food.

Do You Have a Hidden Passion?

I feel quite blessed that I have parlayed a couple of my core passions (writing and gadgets) into a comfortable career, but it is also utterly fantastic that I can explore other hobbies and interests as well. How about you? What hobbies do you have that are not work-related?