Seven Dwarfs - Heigh Ho - Whistle While You Work

Based on the generally positive response I got from Wednesday’s post, it seems that I may be continuing with this idea for a little while yet. As you may recall, I’ve decided to start posing questions through my Twitter account, seeing what my followers have to say about a variety of topics. Some of these I preface with Twitter QOTD, short for Question of the Day.

Last year, I discussed the relationship between music and productivity, saying that some background music can actually help to you keep you on track while at work. More recently, I reiterated that some music while working at home can help you get engaged with the project at hand, directing your energy toward the right channels. That said, what kind of music is best for this purpose?

So, I turned to the Twitter community and got the responses listed below. Want to join in the next time I pose a question to the community? Follow me on Twitter! You just may be featured on Beyond the Rhetoric one day.

Yesterday morning, I asked:

For background music at work, do you prefer energetic or mellow? Lyrics or instrumental?

And you responded…

rayebersole @michaelkwan jazz, relaxing music.
Yurechko @michaelkwan Fairly mellow, Sigur ros, pretty much instrumental with lyrics I can’t understand 🙂
ellajoe @michaelkwan I like energetic, lyrical music. music w/ beats.
bluefur @michaelkwan I prefer energetic music in the background.
colindean @michaelkwan Although I haven’t listened recently, I find shoegazing music to be very relaxing when at work. Use radio to listen
TrinityRS @michaelkwan For me right now, I’m listening to Dark Was The Night compilation:
identitykrysis @michaelkwan For my work, definitely something energetic with lyrics. Folk to Indie to punk to rock stuff. We like to sing along.
dyphan @michaelkwan I listen to talk radio while I work lol.