I’m feeling a little out of it today, so it’s good that it’s What’s Up Wednesdays. As you know, this is my weekly tour of the blogosphere, sharing some of the cool posts that I encountered earlier in the week. I still have to do some writing for my clients, but at least the main ideas for today’s post here have been taken care of. Enjoy and have a pleasant hump day.

The Simple Dollar presents us with a simple moral dilemma. When you go to buy some groceries or something from any other store, what do you do when you’ve been overcharged or undercharged. When I see that I’ve paid too much, I obviously go and get the difference, but what about when they don’t charge you enough. Do you just assume it was a hidden sale?

Bob Buskirk likes to travel to trade shows, but he wants to stay productive when he does so. Using just a laptop isn’t quite enough, because he wants a real workstation. Check out how he stays productive on the road with some notebook accessories. I don’t go quite as far as him with the Alto, but I do bring a laptop stand and mouse with me when I travel.

Mostly Lisa is quite the shutterbug, even if she doesn’t plan on doing a shoot that day. If you plan on taking any pictures at all, you should check out her six quick tips for photography on the fly. I always bring extra memory and batteries, but I never thought to mark the ones that are spent. Good idea!

Ms. Danielle was asked by an affiliate friend what he should do if he is hiring someone to help him with his affiliate marketing. He doesn’t want to give away all of his trade secrets, so Danielle tells him to give away an egg, not the farm. Only tell your hired help what they need to know to complete the task at hand.

Ed Lau loves him some sports cars, but the regular 1001hp Bugatti Veyron doesn’t quite cut the mustard. That’s why he has discovered the Bugatti Veyron Centenaire Sang Noir. This special version adds 349 horses and an extra 10mph to the top speed. Right, because the first Veyron wasn’t fast enough already.