Thinking Chimp - The Thinker Chimpanzee

The mind is a terribly mysterious thing and it can be nearly impossible to fully understand.

Over the course of any given day, my mind will jump through a series of seemingly unrelated topics, ranging from the secrets of the universe to what I’m going to eat for lunch. To offer you a brief glimpse into the mind of this professional freelance writer, I thought it may be interesting to list off ten random musings that have crossed my consciousness in the last week or so. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these kinds of posts, after all.

  1. How is it possible that I still haven’t decided on my next smartphone? I’ve been playing the waiting game for far too long. Will it be the Nokia E63/E71, the HTC Fuze (Touch Pro), or a BlackBerry Curve 8900?
  2. Will Twitter ever become as mainstream as Facebook and instant messengers? It’s still a very geek-oriented tool, but since so many mainstream media outlets are using Twitter, does that mean that the masses will soon follow?
  3. It’s amazing how this 25 Things meme on Facebook has become such a big thing for non-geeks to talk about. The concept of a meme is far from new, so is it just because it’s on Facebook?
  4. I can’t wait for Street Fighter IV. A lot of people don’t understand this obsession, since Street Fighter IV isn’t that different from all the other Street Fighters that preceded it. Oh well. I still want it.
  5. If monkey see, monkey do, why aren’t more monkeys live-blogging from their iPhones?
  6. While more girls are into gaming these days, how many are as “into” the Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3 as they are into more traditionally feminine hobbies like shopping and Hollywood gossip?
  7. I knew that whole Michael Cera flipping out thing had to be a spoof. I just knew it! He’s too innocent and kindly to freak out like that.
  8. Navigating the mobile Twitter site is impossible when following so many users. I wonder how apps like Twitterberry and Twitterfon handle that kind of information overload.
  9. There are a lot of cardboard boxes in my home office. Reviewing the latest gadgetry is a pleasant perk to what I do, but oh boy does the clutter accumulate quickly!
  10. Given my obsession with lists and numbers, it really is quite amazing that I didn’t end up pursuing a career in accounting or something.

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