Top Thinker Contest on Beyond the Rhetoric

Late last year, I held a contest where I gave away some cool iPod accessories, as well as a free sponsored review on Beyond the Rhetoric (read that review here). This time around, I bring some of the swag that I managed to pull down while at the Consumer Electronics Show last month and some other stuff that I want to give to you.

If you were paying attention earlier this week when I did the January month in review, then you may have already noticed the not-so-subtle hint that I dropped about this contest. Let’s get the conversation going again.

Be The Top Thinker And Win…


With the relaunch of BTR last month, I renamed the Top Commentators section on the sidebar to Top Thinkers. That’s because people who leave comments on this blog are offering their thoughts (and I like Rodin’s Thinker). Do you have some thoughts to share?

If you are the top thinker for February 2009 (i.e., you leave the most comments), you win the prize pack shown above. It includes CA Internet Security Suite 2009, a Sharper Image black t-shirt, and a Griffin Aerosport Case for the iPod Classic. The CA Internet Security Suite is a comprehensive security solution with anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, and more. Total value for this prize pack is about US$130.

Submit the Most Interesting or Inspiring Thought And Win…


But wait. There’s more.

We’re not just about quantity; we’re about quality too. Even if you don’t leave the most comments during February 2009, you can still win something. The person who leaves the “best” comment this month will be awarded with the prize pack shown above. It includes a white t-shirt from Blue Phoenix Media, a Griffin iClear Case for the iPod touch, and a wooden USB flash drive (1GB) from Targus. Total value of this prize pack is about US$60.

I will be the sole judge of what is the “best” comment. It could be one that is particularly inspiring, insightful, substantial, or funny. I just want you to contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way.

Yes, You Can Win It All

So to recap, the person who leaves the most comments during February wins the first prize pack and the person who leaves the “best” comment wins the second prize pack. If you happen to have the best comment and you contribute the most number of comments, you can win both prizes. It’s like winning both showcases on The Price is Right, only easier. Good luck! And yes, I’ll ship internationally so long as you have reasonable access to postal services.

P.S. Although it is not required, I’d certainly appreciate any attention that you can direct toward this post. Tweet about it on Twitter. Share the link on Facebook. Submit it to StumbleUpon. Thanks!