As you may recall, I held a contest a while back to see who could refer the most traffic to Beyond the Rhetoric. The eventual winner, Mike Huang, was awarded with a bunch of cool iPod stuff and a free sponsored review. He has now decided to cash in that review for Pinky Arcade, a website that is literally busting at the seams with free online games.

Play Casual Games Online

Casual computer games are getting increasingly popular, because they are both easy to play and surprisingly enjoyable. There aren’t too many people on the web who haven’t indulged in a session of Bejeweled or Internet Reversi. While some other websites sell these simple games for between $5 and $20, the games available through Pinky Arcade come at the price of zero dollars and zero cents. They are 100% free.


Better still, you don’t have to download or install anything on your computer. In this way, whether you’re on your own laptop or you’re at an Internet cafe, you can get in a quick session of free action games. Poking around the games library at Pinky Arcade, you’ll discover a pretty good assortment of titles, ranging from casino games to puzzle games, first-person shooters to sports-related titles. There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of games to play, including an interesting take on air hockey.

Mario Combat Kicks Some Koopa Butt


I’m not sure if they’ll run into any copyright issues for using Nintendo’s plumber mascot, but easily one of the cooler games available on Pinky Arcade is called Mario Combat. Listed under classic casual games, this takes you on a side-scrolling adventure with Mario, pummeling koopa troopas with his mighty fists. It’s remarkably simple, but it’s also very fun (while it lasts).

Earning Prizes and Getting Backlink Traffic

Playing the games is already pretty enjoyable, but Pinky Arcade goes a little further by offering prizes to random and top players every day. You have to register, of course, but there is very little information concerning what (and how) you can win.


There is also a page called Exchange Ranks where you exchange traffic with Pinky Arcade. You post a link, either in the form of text or a banner, on your website and Pinky Arcade will link you back. They promise a 1-to-1 traffic exchange ratio, but there’s no explanation as to how they are going to achieve this. It’s an interesting gesture (and probably one that Google does not appreciate very much), but the lack of information is definitely disappointing.

A Happy Distraction (But A Little Cluttered)

Whether you’re on the hunt for some free nostalgic gaming or some other free Flash games online, Pinky Arcade looks to be a good source of mild entertainment and distraction. The website is probably too cluttered and “busy” for its own good, but that’s the nature of offering free games online. That bandwidth can’t be cheap and they’re definitely in it for profit. It would be nice if the site was cleaned up a bit, but with the hundreds (thousands?) of games offered, I forgive them.