January was certainly an interesting month. We saw the inauguration of a new United States President in Barack Obama. I went to Las Vegas for another gadget fest at the Consumer Electronics Show. Businesses around the world experienced (few) highs and (many) lows with the ongoing recession. And credit card bills with our holiday spending started pouring in through our mailboxes.

It was a busy month for many of us, so I thought it would be apt to provide a brief review of the month that was. Here’s what happened on Beyond the Rhetoric during January 2009.

Most Popular Posts

Although I encourage you to subscribe to my feed, which is also available in the form of free email updates, you may have missed the odd post here and there. Listed below are the five most popular posts from January, based on number of page views. From nice hotels to inspirational reading, I had you covered.

  1. Our Suite at Encore Las Vegas (Wynn)
  2. Five Books Written by Barack Obama
  3. Tax Writeoffs for Freelance Business Owners
  4. Transcending Hopes and Dreams
  5. Do You Want to Be Normal?

Top Referring Sites

While the vast majority of the traffic to this blog still comes from search engines and social media (follow me on Twitter!), there are still a few sources of “organic” traffic. Ignoring sources like Google and StumbleUpon, here are the top five referring sites for BTR.

  1. LoveToKnow Cell Phones
  2. Mobile Magazine
  3. the.[ED]ition
  4. Romandock
  5. Stephen Fung Dot Net

Top Thinkers of January

Where would Beyond the Rhetoric be without you? Some people call them top commentators but I like to think of the folks who leave comments on this blog as thinkers. They’ve got something on their minds and they want to share it with you (and me). Not surprisingly, our good friend Nick soared to the top of the list. Again. He tends to do that.

  1. Nick
  2. Gary Jones :: BlueFur.com
  3. dcr
  4. Derek
  5. Deborah Dera

Will anyone be able to take the top title away from Nick this month? Will it be you? I’m sure he’d welcome the challenge. Maybe I’ll even throw in a free prize to the top commentator top thinker for February…