Staying at the Encore Las Vegas was fun while it lasted, but now I’m back at my home office, getting right back to work. This does not mean that I’m casting fun aside though! In keeping spirits high and smiles on our faces, let’s have a look at what other bloggers are doing for fun these days. Are you a video game geek or do you prefer more active activities?

NDS for Grownups

Dylan Duarte has finally resurrected his blog, writing recently about Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS. This is the first GTA title for the portable Nintendo gaming machine and, despite the top-down graphics and simplified controls, Chinatown Wars actually received an Adults-Only (AO) rating from the BBFC. The British Board of Film Classification is the equivalent of the ESRB for British gaming. The best part? Rockstar Games is proud of the AO rating.

Rebecca’s a Real Canucks Fan

Miss604, as you may have heard, is one of the new faces of the Vancouver Canucks hockey organization. She’s a big part of their marketing campaign and now she’s being featured in a Canucks Fan Zone Commercial. From blogging to podcasting, Rebecca is really making a name for herself in the social media realm! On a side related note, Roberto Luongo joined the team for a full practice on Monday, so he should be back between the pipes soon.

Stop Disabling My Phone

Nick from Romandock is sick and tired of mobile phone operators crippling his handset’s capabilities. He wants to use all of his phone’s features. For many cell phones, for example, the carrier cripples the ability to load your own MP3 ringtones. The phone itself is perfectly capable of handling them, but the custom firmware takes away this feature. This is partly why I’ve only used unlocked and debranded GSM phones for the past few years. No crippling.

Work, Fun, What’s the Difference?

Ms. Danielle is over in Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West (I met up with her briefly before coming home). What does Danielle do for fun? Internet marketing, of course! She met up with the Tracking202 at the ASW Meet Market to discuss their new Tracking 202 Pro PPC tracking solution. If you’re looking to make money online through pay-pay-click campaigns, this just might be a good program for you. There’s a video in her post describing its features.

Chocolate Rain, Lightsabers and Beans

Ed Lau has amassed a rather large music collection and he also spends an inordinate amount of time on YouTube. That’s why he got all excited when these two passions combined themselves for the new Weezer Pork and Beans music video. In the music video, we find spoofs and appearances referring back to some of the biggest viral videos on YouTube, including the “leave Britney alone” guy, the “Chocolate Rain” guy, and even the dramatic gopher. Man, that’s dramatic!