Last month, Vancouver endured one of the biggest snowfalls in the city’s history, but we thought that we had survived the worst of it. Waking up Saturday morning, I discovered that the sky had opened up again with another massive snowfall on the way. Despite the less than ideal weather conditions, the Dot Com Pho crew still managed to get together for the first Dot Com Pho of 2009.

While the restaurant may officially be known as Pho Vancouver (although it is sometimes listed as Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant or simply Vietnamese Restaurant), this group of rowdy online entrepreneurs knows the Vietnamese restaurant on Main and King Edward in Vancouver as Happy Pho. The proprietor, Brian, really makes it the happiest pho on Earth. Maybe that’s why this was one of the larger gatherings we’ve had too with a total of 15 attendees!

Among the highlights are some USB-powered gloves to keep you warm in the winter, an iPhone app that really gets Ed Lau to blow, the biggest Twitter shoutout to date, and a quick note about the Night Before CES party.

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