Haven’t you heard? The new Beyond the Rhetoric launched this week, breathing new life and plenty of inspiration into this old blog of mine. To celebrate the (beta) launch of the new Beyond the Rhetoric design, I’ve decided to offer a special sale to any advertisers who may be interested.

As you may have noticed, the new design features a section near the top of the page that displays three 125 x 125 ad blocks. This ad format is getting incredibly popular, but I wanted to experiment with a different placement than everyone else. The current rotation includes six ad banners in all, with three dynamically selected banners displayed at any one time. Want an extra special deal for one of those ad spots? How about a holiday gift of some free advertising?

The regular price for the ad spot is $50 a month. Consider the prominent visibility of the banners, this is already a tremendous value, but I want to give you more value for the holidays. If you order an ad spot before the end of the year (December 31, 2008), you can have it for 50% off, including all renewals thereafter. In effect, you can have an ad spot for just $25 (US) a month.

But wait. There’s more. Buy an ad spot and I’ll give you the rest of December for free. That’s up to two weeks ($25 value) of advertising for free, bumping your end/renewal date to January 31, 2009. Remember, all subsequent renewals (assuming there is no “break” in between) will still be eligible for the reduced price of $25 a month.

This is only for the first six people who purchase an ad spot, of course, as rotation is limited to just six banners. Send the $25 (US) via PayPal to michael (at) michaelkwan (dot) com, sending your 125×125 image and link information to the same address. Animated GIF images are fine, but no Flash.

Thanks and have a great rest of 2008.