Even if you’re not much of a football fan, you may have heard the story of Plaxico Burress and how he managed to shoot himself while at a New York nightclub. If you didn’t hear the story, this Wall Street Journal article sums it up pretty well. In a nutshell, the New York Giants wide receiver decided to put a loaded gun in the waistband of his sweatpants. It started to slip, he reached for it, and he accidentally shot himself. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

This incident, which could result in up to 3.5 year jail term for Burress, will certainly be a source of distraction for the Giants as they head into their game against the Philadelphia Eagles today, but I still think they’ll win. In any case, the football superstar wants to remind everyone about the dangers of firearms.

So, here is a public service announcement from Plaxico Burress on gun safety. Let’s just say that things don’t exactly go as planned.