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If you or a loved one has experienced brain or spinal cord injury you probably have tons of questions—questions about diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, coping and living, health insurance, public assistance, financial issues, legal issue. Wow! The list goes on an on, and for many people can be really overwhelming. Where do you begin? How do you navigate your way through a brain injury or spinal cord injury, and whom do you turn to? Well, one of the best resources out there is

The information is so comprehensive that it’s great for recent survivors and their families as well as people who have been coping with their injury for a while. If you’ve gone to your doctor to with questions only to find that he or she is just to busy to spend the amount of time you need, or just doesn’t have the expertise to answer questions regarding things like finances and legal issues, will do more than fill in the gaps.

You have access to literally hundreds of articles detailing the latest treatment, research, clinical trials, resources, and support and advocacy groups. They also have a blog, which keeps readers completely up to date on the latest news and developments regarding brain and spinal cord injury.

One thing that really makes stand out among other similar websites is its video library. There are so many videos to choose from here, from those on the best rehabilitation sites in the country to those that give survivors and their families tips on how to cope. Some of the best videos are those that profile real brain and spinal cord injury survivors and their families. These videos not only teach you invaluable things about living and coping with spinal cord injury, they are also really engaging. You’ll also really appreciate the way they leave you filled with hope for the future.

Check it out . . . It’s really easy to use and in terms of the information you need, they’ve left no stone unturned.