Last week, I explained the difference between a regime and a regimen and I also talked a bit about all that Thanksgiving food. So, I thought that it would appropriate to tackle the areas of wellness and health for this week’s edition of What’s Up Wednesdays. After loading up on all that turkey and pumpkin pie, it might be a good idea to see how you can get fit and healthy again.

Quick and Easy Exercises

Israel Lagares is the man when it comes to all sorts of healthy practices. He may be the Fat Man Unleashed, but he also knows about five kick-ass workouts that can be done in under 8 minutes. One of the most common reasons given for not exercising is a lack of time. You’ve got eight minutes, right?

Blogging from Anywhere

John Chow is so dedicated to his craft that he is blogging from the hospital. It seems that all those years of sugar-infused iced coffees and dining out with MSG have caught up with him, because he has developed gallbladder stones. I wish him well. Let’s hope he doesn’t need surgery.

How to Catch Shut-Eye

Scott Young approaches another area of your overall health. Most people know about food and exercise, but today’s society puts so much pressure on us that we may not be getting enough sleep. Scott explains how to get more time to sleep without sacrificing your career aspirations or time with the family.

Breaking Free from the Cell

Raj Dash takes a look at yet another area of your overall wellness. Your mental health is just as important than your physical health, so that’s why you’ll want to banish lonely freelancer syndrome if you work from home like me. Get out there and socialize. Otherwise, you’ll surely go mad.

A Delectable Indulgence

Carl Nelson lets us indulge in quite possibly the best apple pie you will ever have ever. The recipe is simple enough that even a kitchen novice like myself can handle it. Diets are useful, but you need to treat yourself every so often too.