Easily one of the best ways to spend your money is on your stomach. Good food and fine dining can go a lot way in elevating your mood and lifting your spirits, regardless of any prevailing circumstances.

Seeing how American Thanksgiving is tomorrow and most of you will be celebrating some sort of festive feast next month, I thought it would only be suiting to dedicate today’s edition of What’s Up Wednesdays to our gastronomic inclinations. Bon appetit!

Stephen Fung has been experimenting with all sorts of culinary adventures in his kitchen as of late. One of his most recent exploits involves a battle with bison. He prepared a bison roast, some bison brisket (pictured above), and even bison meatballs. I wonder if he invited John Chow over for dinner. John likes balls.

Eric Tan has a blog called Feeding the Crave, but he’s not exactly craving cash lately. Instead, he’s craving dim sum. The Chinese assortment of steamed and fried dishes is certainly appealing, providing quite the staple for both my childhood and my adult life. I could really go for some sui mai and phoenix claw right about now.

Damien Riley revisits his earlier days as a Pizza Hut delivery driver. While hanging out with some of his co-workers one night, Damien was challenged to a $5 bet from Tim. The anchovie [sic] bet, as it came to be known, involved Damien consuming a whole can of anchovies. Too bad the fish swam back out the way they came in.

Israel Lagares feels that snacking has been given a bad name, because people are linking it to obesity and overeating. Dispelling his myth, Israel provides the truth about snacking. Properly implemented and with the right kinds of food, snacking could be the healthiest thing you do for yourself.

Shane Sakata takes a stroll off the beaten path, introducing readers to comfort food from Japan. Some of these items may sound a little exotic, but they can really be quite delectable. You’re probably already familiar with tofu and you may already know about daikon, but have you tried tamago, konbumaki, and gobomaki?