We’re getting that much closer to the NFL playoffs, so each and every game is more important than ever. I’ve started to enjoy a little more success with some of my football picks lately, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep up that accuracy going into Week 12.

The point spreads for this week in the NFL, for better or for worse, do not exceed 10 points in any given game. As always, I’ve pulled these point spreads from the Vegas line, as provided by Caesars-Hilton.

Philadelphia Eagles at Baltimore Ravens (-0.5)
I’ll admit it. I was pretty crazy last week when I said that the Ravens would beat the Giants. That clearly did not happen, but it seems that McNabb and Reid are going through a bit of a downward spiral, so I’ll stick with Baltimore.
Pick: BAL

Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns (-2.5)
Neither of these teams is doing particularly well these days, but the Texans are on a three game losing streak. I expect that to continue with such a small spread to boot.
Pick: CLE

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-8.5) at Detroit Lions
We’re only a few weeks away from celebrating a completely defeated season for the Detroit Lions. The wish of Ed Lau is getting more and more realistic every week, because the Lions are going to go winless. Go Bucs.
Pick: TB

Buffalo Bills (-2.5) at Kansas City Chiefs
The Buffalo Bills surprised everyone at the beginning of this season and then their spark sort of sizzled. Look for the Bills to snap that four game losing streak against the even more hapless Chiefs of Kansas City.
Pick: BUF

Chicago Bears (-7.5) at St. Louis Rams
Next to the Detroit Lions, the Rams are possibly the second worst team in the league. Even with a record of 5-5, the Bears are still sitting on top of their division. Yes, Chicago got demolished by the Packers last week, but Kyle Orton was fresh back from his injury. With a little rest and an opportunity to get back in the groove, I expect the Bears to devour the Rams.
Pick: CHI

New York Jets at Tennessee Titans (-5.5)
Until they give me a reason to believe otherwise, I’m going to remain hopeful that the Tennessee Titans will repeat the undefeated regular season record that the Patriots enjoyed last year. I’m not so sure if they’ll go on to win the big dance at the end, but they have a good chance of going 16-0. Favre is a challenge, but the Titans will rise to the occasion.
Pick: TEN

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins (-1.5)
Speaking of the Patriots, this year’s squad is clearly not the same as the AFC champions that we saw last year, but Matt Cassel is really starting to get the hang of things in New England. This will be a challenge, but I expect the Pats to come out on top.
Pick: NE

Minnesota Vikings at Jacksonville Jaguars (-1.5)
Adrian Peterson is pretty impressive, having already rushed for over 1000 yards this season, but I feel that the Jaguars are a more complete package, despite what their 4-6 record may lead you to believe. Look for the slight upset in this battle.
Pick: JAC

San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys (-9.5)
Anyone who thought the return of Tony Romo would magically turn around the struggling Dallas Cowboys was clearly being a bit too much of an optimist. I sincerely hope that the Cowboys win this game, but Frank Gore and the Niners have enough tools to prevent them from covering the spread.
Pick: SF

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos (-9.5)
No one plays quite as well in Might High Stadium as the Denver Broncos and it certainly helps that the nearly useless Raiders are the team coming to visit this week. Look for the division-leading Broncs to trample the Raiders.
Pick: DEN

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons (-0.5)
I like Matt Ryan and Michael Turner. It truly is amazing what they have managed to accomplish in Atlanta this year, but Jake Delhomme is proving time and time again that he’s still got plenty of gas in the tank. In this battle of division rivals, look for Carolina to take home the win (on the road). Either way, this could be the game of the week.
Pick: CAR

New York Giants (-2.5) at Arizona Cardinals
As I mentioned in my Baltimore pick above, I was wrong to doubt the strength of the Giants last week. Eli’s team is arguably the best team in the league right now and they’re easily a better team than the squad that won the Super Bowl last year. The Cards don’t stand a chance.
Pick: NYG

Washington Redskins (-3.5) at Seattle Seahawks
I understand that it’s hard to play in QWEST Field, but I also understand that the Seahawks are finally showing their true colors this year as a far from stellar football team. The star-studded cast of the Redskins will invade the Pacific Northwest and emerge on top. Jason Campbell’s got this one.
Pick: WAS

Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Chargers (-2.5)
As much as I like the Chargers, the Indianapolis Colts are fighting for their playoff lives. Peyton’s got his work cut out for him, but he should be able to lead Indy to another win to inch them that much closer to a wild card spot in the playoffs. They’re on a roll.
Pick: IND

Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints (-2.5)
After a seriously impressive victory over the Bears last week, the Packers have all the momentum they need heading into New Orleans this week. The Saints have a solid foundation with Drew Brees, Marques Colston, and others, but the Pack Attack should come out on top.
Pick: GB