It may have taken two years of campaigning and millions of dollars raised, but it finally happened last night. Senator Barack Obama was elected as the 44th President of the United States.

Ever since the first time I heard Obama address a crowd, I’ve loved his manner of speaking. Last night’s acceptance speech was no exception and I look forward to what the next four (or eight) years may bring. It’s unlikely that he’ll ever be able to live up to the mammoth hype, but putting Obama in the Oval Office is definitely a step in the right direction.

In keeping with the presidential theme, today’s edition of What’s Up Wednesdays has a slight political slant to it, but I have also included a couple of non-political posts for people who want to get away from the intense media coverage. Happy hump day!

Coach Stan from ThinkBlog is tired of watching what he says, admonishing the issue of political correctness. He’s prepared to “stop the madness.” It’s not that he’s not sensitive to the concerns of others, but he’s tired of having his freedom of speech censored in the name of political correctness.

Steven Sanders takes a look at what to include below your blog posts. It’s about making maximum use of that blog real estate without overwhelming your readers. Speaking for myself, you’ll find an RSS link, social media links, and an ad spot for monetization. What do you do?

Darren Barefoot is fascinated by the fact that teenage pregnancy is more prevalent among evangelical teens than among their non-religious (and non-evangelical) counterparts. In fact, states with stronger “moral values” (so to speak) have higher rates of divorce as well.

TechVivo recognizes that your Internet experience should be personalized and productive. While I am using Google Chrome as my primary browser now, I also appreciate the utility of all those Firefox plugins. Techvivo lists 25 of the best plugins for bloggers.

Sarah Marchildon is caught up in all kinds of Obamamania, but she’s not in the United States. Instead, she has found herself in Obama, Japan. Yes, there is a town in Japan that is called Obama and, not surprisingly, the town has played up its connection to the new President elect.