It’s official. If you want to make any kind of money betting on football, you should look at my NFL predictions and pick the complete opposite. Week 9 has not been any friendlier to me than Week 8. What really pains me is that I would have been better off just flipping a coin.

Ironically, when I posted my predictions for Week 9, I got a comment from Chris Bibey saying that my picks seemed sound on paper. They did, but they also happen to be completely wrong in reality. I think it’s time that I rethink my strategy.

Anyhow, some of the most notable games this week involved the first win of the season for the Cincinnati Bengals, the ongoing success of the Tennessee Titans (a slim victory over the Packers), and the continued downward spiral of the Dallas Cowboys. They’re practically out of the playoffs.

On the bright side, Peyton Manning and the Colts kept their playoff dreams alive with a win over rival New England Patriots. The Colts-Pats game wasn’t nearly as thrilling as previous years, but it was still entertaining.