You’ve probably heard the saying that behind every dark cloud is a silver lining. Even when things appear to be at their worst, there is something positive for you to consider. You can cling to this positive note, this ray of light and hope, and hopefully you’ll be able to weather the storm, emerging out the other side largely unscathed. That’s all well and good, but I’m not satisfied with just a little silver lining when I’m surrounded by dark clouds. I want something more.

Whether you’re a freelance writer working from home or you’re a burger flipper at the golden arches, you’ve probably been affected by the recent financial crisis in some way. Some people have experienced a greater impact than others and you may be burning yourself out to rake in some extra cash. A silver lining can provide a glimmer of hope, but in order to truly get through the roughest of times, you probably want something more than just a glimmer.

Naturally, what you’ll need to do is to find that silver lining in the first place. It could be the smallest of things, a tiny moment that offers hope and happiness. Taking freelance writing as an example, you may find that some of your clients can no longer afford your services and this directly affects your bottom line. The silver lining is that this will provide you with more time to work on your own blog and your own projects. Your own projects may not pay the bills right away, but they can offer a sense of self-worth and satisfaction. Those are important.

Having found this silver lining, your goal is now to develop that silver lining into a glorious blue sky. The only way that you can cast away those nasty storm clouds is to overwhelm them with better weather. Your ambition can be your guide toward reaching these greater goals. Go ahead and shoot for the stars, because impossible is nothing.

You may have read the recent review that I wrote on John Chow’s blog. In it, I describe the journey of a 15-year-old as he strives toward becoming a best-selling author. Yes, with a real book, sold through real bookstores. If you thought that it was impossible for a 15-year-old to publish a book, and a good one at that, think again. It’s possible. You just have to define your success and be determined to achieve it.

Silver linings are nice. When times appear to be at their worst, silver linings remind you that there is good in the world and there is still hope. Reach for it, expand it, and sing a song along the way. It may be about the journey, but you’ll want an enjoyable journey, right?