For the first time this season, I decided to do my NFL predictions against the point spread, rather than a straight up-and-down football pick. Arguably, picking a team against a spread is much more difficult that a straight prediction, because the favorite has to win by a certain margin to be considered the winner against the spread.

Well, it seems like the spread had no effect on my accuracy, because my NFL Week 5 predictions were among my most accurate to date. In total, I went 10 for 13, resulting in an overall percentage of 77%.

The Indianapolis Colts game was a lot closer than I expected and the Miami Dolphins are really taking everyone by surprise. Last week, the Dolphins destroyed the Patriots. This week, they beat the Chargers. That’s mighty impressive. Unfortunately for the Buffalo Bills, however, their unexpected undefeated streak came to abrupt halt after suffering a loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Other teams continuing with their winning ways include the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, New York Giants, and Tennessee Titans.

Seeing how the accuracy of my NFL picks is getting better, maybe it’s about time that I put my money where my mouth is, rather than just posting these free predictions on Beyond the Rhetoric. 🙂