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CXtec should be your final destination for new and used data communications equipment. Whether you are looking to build a computer or telephone network in your office, CXtec has all the vital supplies—from routers and servers to phones and Voice Over IP software. Best of all, when it comes to accessories, CXtec will not leave you hanging. The company will provide you with cables, cords, and even cabinets and storage racks for your hardware. CXtec is so thorough that they’ll even sell you the ties to keep your network cables organized.

One aspect that sets CXtec apart from its competitors is that their relationship does not end with the customer at the point of sale. For instance, if your network is not running up to par and seems very congested, CXtec will assist you in identifying the potential of your network and the requirements it needs to perform at its best. Networking experts will visit your office to administer onsite surveys that will help them recognize common network issues such as with security. Then, CXtec constructs a step-by-step plan to address your network’s problem areas in an economical fashion. They won’t just provide you with a quick fix either; their certified professionals will build a network guaranteed to adapt with age.

Once CXtec has upgraded your network on paper, it is time to actually get it up and running. If you do not have access to your own IT department, don’t fret. CXtec technicians will arrive at your place of business to guide you through the install or even do it for you. You can expect them to complete such tasks which include configuring network software and verifying all wiring connections are intact. With installation services from CXtec, your business has the ability to increase profits by expanding to other locations, improve customer satisfaction by establishing remote offices where they are necessary, and allow your internal IT team to direct its attention to the core business, customers, and sales opportunities.

CablExpress, a subsidiary of CXtec, is the premier source for all connectivity requests. Whatever you need to beef up your infrastructure, CablExpress offers cables that support data transfer from one to ten gigabits and above. With CablExpress, you will become accustomed to reliability, since each cable comes with a lifetime warranty.

Another favorite feature offered by CXtec is their “equal2new” designation. This means that any used hardware with the “equal2new” badge has a 99.51 percent reliability ranking in addition to a lifetime warranty. For example, customers can expect virtually the same quality from used phones as they would get from those that are brand new. Furthermore, if you have used equipment that you’d like to get rid of, CXtec’s Asset Recovery program will buy or trade for this merchandise.