After we experienced the Dot Com Pho reunion last week, I thought that everything was patched up and everyone was happy. The agreement was that the Vancouver crew would head over to Pho Richmond, largely to have a proper meet-up with Hong Kong visitor Carl Nelson and, in exchange, John Chow would be willing to come out to Vancouver the following week. As it turns out, the root of all evil is in Boston this week. What a scheme!

That’s not to say that we can’t have a rousing good time without Chow. Instead of digging into some Vietnamese noodles or dim sum, the Dot Com Pho crew decided to get together for some Chinese noodles and congee at the appropriately named Congee Noodle House in Vancouver. This came at the recommendation of Gary Ng, who has been raving about their barbecue duck. Yes, the duck is delicious; just don’t expect it to be healthy.

Along with some of the regulars — like Leo Chiang, Greg Morgan, and Tyler Ingram — we were joined by a couple of local celebrities as well. Isabella Mori was the previous organizer of the Vancouver Blogger Meetup group and Buzz Bishop is one of Vancouver’s best known radio personalities. Also joining us for lunch on Saturday were the prize-winning Joshua Denney and Kelly “The Machine” Frankson.

As expected, Stephen Fung took the director’s chair for this week’s video. Interestingly, he was able to cut the footage down to just six minutes of coverage! It’s almost like a bite-sized sampling of what it’s like to eat with a bunch of dot com moguls (and would-be moguls). I wonder what an Olympic-sized Dot Com Pho would be like.

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