The video for Dot Com Pho comes a little late this week, because Stephen Fung was waiting around for Tyler Ingram to send him the video for the gadget of the week. You see, the Flip Mino that Stephen brought ran out of storage before we had a chance to record the gadget of the week segment. Thankfully, Tyler had his trusty Canon point-and-shoot.

This week’s Dot Com Pho was held at Cuu Long on Knight and Kingsway in Vancouver. Cuu Long is located about a block or two away from Pho Thai Hoa, which still holds the title for the best pho to date. It may not be as happy as Cambie (Vancouver) Vietnamese Restaurant, but maybe that’s a good thing. Brian (Bryan?) kind of scares me with his overly enthusiastic and cheerful ways.

Remember that everyone is welcome to join us for our weekly lunch gatherings. The best way to keep track of our dining locations is to follow me and Stephen on Twitter. Next week, we might change things up and hit up a place for sushi, tandoori, or burgers. Maybe.

Enjoy this week’s video. Oh, and don’t blame Leo Chiang for hating on The Littlest Hobo. He’s just upset that he didn’t get to work as the stunt double for the famous Canadian pooch.