Even though John Chow is back in town, Dot Com Pho was not relocated back to Richmond for last Saturday’s get-together.

It’s one of those things where one begets the other, but Stephen decided to take some initiative and move our weekly lunch out of Richmond last week for some dim sum. The East Vancouver area is just more central for (nearly) everyone involved — I believe the only Richmonders left are John Chow and Ed Lau — and the Vancouver staging of Dot Com Pho is even attracting the attention of mainstream media.

The East Vancouver focus continued on Saturday when I suggested we hit up Pho Thai Hoa on Kingsway. That part of town is filled with a lot of Vietnamese restaurants, but Pho Thai Hoa is easily one of the best. It’s reasonably clean and the soup base is terrific.

The scooter king continued with his video producing ways this week, giving the root of all evil the day off. Maybe John is taking my PhotoShop contest a little too hard. Among the diners at Dot Com Pho were Bonnie Sainsbury, Leo Chiang, Ray, Tyler Ingram, Greg Morgan, and everyone’s favorite Communist coder Jeff Kee.

Making a special cameo appearance was action star Sally Chow. Keep an eye out for her after the credits!

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