It took Stephen Fung a little longer than usual to cut together this week’s episode of Dot Com Pho for no reason in particular, but the ten minutes of intelligent conversation and hilarity are now available for your viewing pleasure.

Seeing how Ed Lau is still in Japan and John Chow is lost in a corn field, we figured that it would be good to hold last Saturday’s Dot Com Pho in a location other than Richmond. Vancouver is a little more central for everyone involved and as much as we enjoy Vietnamese noodles, we also figured that it would be good to change up the cuisine a little. We’ve had Dot Com Dim Sum before and fun was had by all. Nothing quite like MSG and steamed dumplings.

Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant has been a Vancouver institution for many years. I remember going here for dim sum when I was still a young child. The ambiance, atmosphere, and “cuisine” have remained pretty much unchanged all of these years. Then again, there’s not much innovation when it comes to dim sum.

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